Set within the picturesque county of Northamptonshire, the World Conker Championships takes place each year on the 2nd Sunday of October, in the beautiful village of Southwick near Oundle. Here we are hosted in the grounds of the local pub, the Shuckburgh Arms, and supported by the villagers. The next championships take place on the 13th of October 2024 starting at 9:30 and finishing at around 16:00.

Thousands flock to the event to watch our competitors battle and to support our cause to raise money to help the visually impaired. Since we are a 'world' championship, people come from across the globe to join the experience. Be sure not to miss this year's event and get the date memorised, or in your calendar.

Organised by Ashton Conker Club, the competition has taken place since 1965. Each year we are able to pull off a better and more enjoyable event, packed with entertainment in addition to the main competition. Through the years, this has allowed us to successfully raise a large sum for charity. Our grand total currently sits at around £420,000.

For the enjoyment of all attending, we provide mixed adult and junior competitions. These both operate as round based knockout games, until a winner is found and crowned on their throne. More can be found out about how each game is judged and played in our rules.