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I confirm that I am aged 18 or over
I authorise my data only to be used in connection with my application to play in the World Conker Championships and I authorise that I will only be contacted in relation to my entry into the event
I understand that failure to pay for entry will cause my registration to be revoked
By entering this competition, I agree to any photographs or film taken during the event which include my image being freely used

How to Enter

To enter the event you need to simply fill out the form on the left. It's a quick and simple process that should only take a couple of minutes max. Once you've filled out your details you will be taken over to our PayPal page to pay for your entry. This is intentional, so don't worry about leaving the website.

Once on PayPal you can either sign in, if you already have an account or you can pay as a guest. We have chosen to use PayPal for it's security and ease of use, but should you have an issue with it, you can also pay by direct bank transfer if you are a UK resident. To do this simply contact our treasurer and she will provide you with the necessary details.

If you have any other issues with the entry process, feel free to contact the competition secretary who will help you where he can.

Making a Team

Teams are a growing part of the World Conker Championships and they offer a great day to have some fun with your friends. To register a team enter your team name into the form and state if you are the captain of the team or not. Then get your other team members to enter the same team name when they enter.

Please bare in mind that all teams must contain a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people with at least one team member serving as the captain. We always recommend going for larger teams than smaller ones, as a group of 4 who do averagely could score more than a team of 2 great individuals.

Finally, ensure that you get all your team members to register at a similar time. If anyone hasn't entered by the time we fill up all our player spots, then there won't be any way to add them in afterwards.

The Junior Competition

As things stand, the junior event doesn't have an online registration process. Instead anyone aged 5-17 is welcome to sign up on the day, where they will face off with others in their age class.