When is the
next event?

The 2021 World Conker Championships will be held at Southwick, Northamptonshire on 10th October 2021. The event opens at 9:30 and finishes by around 15:30.

What size is a team?

Teams can consist of up to 4 people. Smaller teams can be entered but doing so will greatly reduce your chances of winning based on our points system.

Why is there
an Entry Fee?

It costs a lot of money to stage the World Conker Championships so entry fees contribute to that cost. All helpers and organisers are unpaid volunteers.

How do I
contact you?

You can use our website contact forms to reach us quickly and with little fuss.

How do I enter to play?

To enter, simply fill out the entry form and pay with paypal after submitting it.

How much
do you donate?

Our donations depend on the success of the event. We give at least £2,500 each year.