World Conker

13th October 2024

A Unique Experience

Fun for All

The Competition

Even if you’re not competing, conkers is great fun to spectate. Especially, when it involves the world’s best.

Food & Drink

What would a day spectating conkers be without some great local caterers and a well stocked beer tent?


Beyond conkers, we have performances, live music, children’s rides and more to keep the whole family busy.


Fight to be the Champion

Anyone can register to play in the World Conker Championships. So, don’t miss out on your chance to compete and be crowned as the 2024 Conker King or Queen.

Our Mission

For us, the World Conker Championships is a great way to have some fun while protecting the heritage of the game of conkers. However, beyond even that, we also donate what we can to charities that aid the visually impaired. To date, we’ve given over £430,000 since 1965 and we’re nowhere near done yet.

the Event

Not sure what to expect? Get a feel for the World Conker Championships through a selection of our favourite photos taken over the past few years.

the Event

the Event

Become a

We currently don’t have any sponsors for the 2024 Championships. If you’re interested or know of a company that might be, please get in contact.

A Traditional Game

Learn More

How to Play Conkers

A classic schoolground game of conkers is very simple, which is what makes it so fun. If you’ve not played before, we can teach you how to.

Our Official Rulebook

At the World Conker Championships, we have our own specific set of rules. So, if you plan to compete this year, we advise taking a look at them.

Competition Officials

Holding a conker competition might sound simple, but we have a whole host of officials involved to make sure it is run smoothly and fairly.